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Surface Pattern Design

Patterns available for collaborations and licensing. I am also happy to create custom patterns.

Contact me for more information.

Festive Moulid

A festive collection of patterns inspired by Egypt's traditional Moulid celebrations.

Shop Moulid fabrics and home decor

Egyptian Summer

What do mangoes, rowboats, vintage beach umbrellas, plumerias, kites, and cotton candy have in common? They all remind me of summers in Egypt where I grew up. This fun colorful pattern collection is sure to add happiness to any surface.

Shop Egyptian Summer fabrics and home decor

Shop Egyptian Summer tabletop accessories

Iznik Garden

Inspired by ceramics produced in Iznik, an Ottoman town in western Anatolia, from the last quarter of the 15th century until the end of the 17th century. Iznik artists combined traditional Islamic Ottoman motifs with motifs from central Asia, Persia, and China, resulting in a variety of intricate botanical and geometric patterns. The collection uses Iznik motifs in a fun way and incorporates garden-inspired colors to complement the traditional blue colors.

Shop Iznik Garden fabrics and home decor

Oasis Escape

Inspired by the embroidery and motifs of the captivating Siwa Oasis in Egypt's Western Desert. The traditional colors represent the different stages of the ripening of dates, Siwa's staple.

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